Who is eligible to become a WNAM Member?

WNAM accepts registration from any individual who ordinarilyresides in Canada and provides the appropriate medical documents signed by a health care practitioner. Individuals must provide the following two documents, and upon approval by WNAM will receive a patient number to place orders online or via phone:

1. Application to be a WNAM patient

2. Medical Document or Physician Statement or ATP or MMAR Form B signed by a health care practitioner

How do I obtain a medical document?

Print out the WNAM Medical Document and take it to your health care practitioner. If you are unable to print the document, please complete the Online Application, and WNAM can mail you a copy or call us at 1-800-420-7019. Only qualifying patients are eligible to be WNAM members.

How much WNAM product will I be able to order at one time?

Members can order up to 30 times your daily limit within any 30-day period, but only 150g per order per day.

What Products will WNAM offer?

WNAM offers a wide range of medicinal cannabis strains, concentrates, edibles and topicals to suit your particular medical condition. From high-CBD strains to Hybrid strains, to high THC-strains, WNAM is committed to providing quality medicinal cannabis strains that are known for their consistency and effectiveness. See WNAM Shop for information.

How much will a WNAM product cost?

Prices vary by strain potency and range from $5-16 per gram. You can learn more about each strain and the cost per gram at the WNAM SHOP.

How will I receive my WNAM order?

Orders completed by 3:30 ET/12:30 PT on business days will be shipped that day.  Orders completed after this time or on weekends will be shipped the next business day. We offer expedited shipping that reaches most of our customers within three business days.  *Signature may be required for delivery. SAME DAY DELIVERY IN THE GREATER TORONTO AREA.

I have an Authorization to Possess (ATP) under the MMAR regulations. If I use my ATP to register with WNAM will I loose my MMAR status?

NO. if you register with WNAM you become a member of our society and your ATP will remain valid.

I still have questions about WNAM. Who can I talk to?

We understand, it’s a complicated process, and WNAM is dedicated to not only providing you with quality products, but information to keep you well informed and educated about your choices. Please call and speak with a WNAM representative at 1-800-420-7019 or send us an email at WNAM@wholesomeHolsitic.com. We care about your concerns and will try our best to address any concerns.

Where is your service area?

We ship all across Canada.