Women for Natural Alternative Medicine

Care. Compassion. Choice.

Women for Natural Alternative Medicine is a registered non-profit organization focused on making quality medical marijuana accessible to legitimate patients in need. Patient Care, Compassion, and the Freedom of Choice in how you receive your medicine is at the forefront of our philosophy.

The Society founded in 2014, is a collective of Medical Marijuana Patients who believe the right to choose safe, natural alternatives to conventional medicine. We pride ourselves in our approach to the respect and empathy of patient care and providing a service to the community, in supporting the legalization of Medical Marijuana and alternative medicine practices around the globe.

As a member of the Society, we offer the opportunity for our clients to have a voice in the medical marijuana movement. Illness knows no gender, race, culture, or socio-economic circumstance and our mission is to assure patient care takes precedence over all things.

WMAN.. True Selflessness & True Compassion.